f Industry and Function

These charts give broad summary information on the types of clients we serve and the nature of the assignments we have executed. Please note that this data reflects the total professional experiences of our consultants, including assignments done prior to their association with Future Consulting .

Last Updated July 2016

As can be seen in the graph, the bulk of our clientele are Western companies. Most are North American firms, with a substantial proportion from Western Europe.

Our top five industry segments are technology, electronics/engineering/telecommunications, consumer/luxury goods, automotive and healthcare/pharmaceutical companies.

This table shows that our assignments include a reasonable balance among the three key types of companies, whether they be consumer or industrial products companies, or pure service firms.

More than half of our assignments are for Senior Management and Upper Middle Management (i.e. director level) positions. This is a strategic choice for our practice. Even the assignments we execute for department head and middle management positions focus on candidates we believe have strong potential to become upper middle management within two to three years.

Our experience in successfully placing candidates into key functional areas that are most needed by companies operating in Korea is well rounded. Our top five functional areas (top management, sales, marketing, engineering/technical, finance/accounting and human resource) reflect 87% of all the assignments we have executed. We make great efforts to maintain our knowledge of changes and developments concerning these functional areas in Korea.

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