Future Consulting's business is in building our client's human capital through locating, recruiting and evaluating promising executives who are able to solve our clients' business problems. We work with our clients in a consultative fashion to locate those key individuals. Founded in 2000 as Goldwin Executive Search (subsequently renamed Future Consulting in 2007) by Sara Hwang, an executive search practitioner with over twenty years of experience in the search industry in Korea, we have only one objective - to provide the talent that best fits the ever-changing needs of our client firms.

Our clients represent leading, well-known multinational firms from all over the world. Assignments we have undertaken for them range from middle management to CEO level positions. The candidates that we introduce to our clients represent a broad range of functional disciplines, including senior management, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, operations and engineering. We provide comprehensive research to help companies evaluate candidates in view of their strategic objectives (both business unit and human resource), while counseling candidates on their career planning. We work for our clients on a retainer basis.

Future Consulting's search professionals constantly endeavor to offer the most professional performance to our clients and the candidates we introduce. We follow the highest levels of personal and professional ethics in the executive search industry. This can be seen in the strict standard of integrity and discretion in the manner in which we represent our client, and how we present the candidate's interest in the position. We do this with every search exercise. We never compromise on our adherence to these principles for any reason.

With every assignment, our ultimate aim is to deliver results. Not just for today, but results that last well into the future. By leveraging our understanding of the client's strategy and needs, combined with our skills in candidate selection and evaluation, we find those individuals that not only are today's problem solvers, but who will be tomorrow's leaders. We work hard to help you fulfill your business and career goals. We also aim to be your trusted adviser, and we work hard to earn that trust.

Future Consulting is the Gold Standard
in Executive Search.

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