Review and understand overall client strategy, culture and    objectives, as well as position responsibilities and expectations
      Formulate position specification based on client requirements
      Collaborate with client to refine search objectives, set target    dates and finalize search plan

      Develop initial candidate list from research sources and network    contacts
      Meet and evaluate potential candidates
      Shortlist qualified candidates for client meetings; conduct informal    reference checking
      Present written confidential candidate evaluation report for each    shortlisted candidate

      Prepare both shortlisted candidates and client for face-to-face    interviews
      Facilitate interview process
      Obtain feedback from client and candidates after interviews

      Review interviewed candidates with client and assist in    determining the finalist candidate
      Conduct formal written reference checks (upon client request)
      Counsel both client and successful candidate during their    compensation negotiations before a formal employment offer is    made by client
      Ensure a smooth transition for both client and successful    candidate through continuing follow-up
      Provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates

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