Our consultants have successfully concluded recruitment exercises for these major multinational clients. As a reflection of their experience, this list includes both recently completed projects as well as assignments executed prior to our consultants' association with Future Consulting.

Last Updated July 2016

Sales Manager
Leading US semiconductor company (a)
HR manager
Senior Technical Marketing Engineer
Quality Assurance Engineer
Field Application Engineer
Leading US semiconductor company (b)
Sales director
Sales manager for services
Application Engineer (4)
French applications software developer
Marketing Director
Sales Engineer
US application software firm
Vice President, IT Major Korean telecommunications firm
Sales Manager
German application software firm
President European telecommunications company
Vice President Korean technology provider
Customer Service Manager US based internet portal
Sales Manager Leading Japanese telecommunications firm
Vice President, Communications Major US telecommunications company
HR Director
Legal Manager
US hardware, software, solution & service company
Sales Director European wireless network solution company
ERP Consulting Manager
SCM Consultants
Major Korean IT company
Sales Director
Planning Manager
Korea No. 1 mobile messaging service company

Finance Manager
Branch manager
Training Manager
Senior Buyer
Worldwide leading US retailer
Major US motion picture distributor
Finance Controller
Marketing Manager
French luxury products firm
PR Manager
US cosmetics brand
Sales Director
Brand Manager
UK wines and spirits firm
Brand Manager
Major US brewery
Marketing Director US restaurant chain
President Australian magazine publisher
Marketing Manager Korean pharmaceutical products manufacturer
Product Manager
Marketing Manager
Factory Director
European pharmaceutical company
Sales Director
Product Manager
Leading US beverage marketer
Marketing Manager French thread group
HR Director Leading UK fashion brand
Finance Director
Sales Manager
US medical equipment company
IT Manager
Regulatory Affairs Manager
US pharmaceutical company

Sales Director, Magnet Division
Sales manager, Fuse Division
French industrial products company
Sales Director (2)
HR Director
Head of R&D
US automotive parts company (a)
President, HR Director,
Manufacturing Director
US automotive parts company (b)
Finance Manager
Vehicle Sales Manager
Sales Zone Manager
Marketing Manager
Technical Engineer
US automotive manufacturer (a)
HR Director
Sales Director
After-sales Service Director
Marketing Director
US automotive manufacturer (b)
Planning Manager Korean automotive parts company
Sales Manager European petroleum company
Factory Manager
HR Manager
US industrial products firm
HR Manager
Director of Manufacturing
Quality Assurance Manager
French automotive parts company
Field Application Engineer
German industrial products company

Sales manager Swedish financial services company
Sales manager US financial services and corporate banking provider
Chief Financial Officer Dutch financial services company
HR Director
Branch Manager (2)
Vice President of Sales
US insurance company
Marketing Manager Major Australian retail bank
Chief Financial Officer Japanese securities house
Business Development Manager US non-bank financial services company
Business Development Director
Patent Attorney
US investment consulting company

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